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of arranging of International Exhibition of Children's Pictures
"In the castle of country Imagination".

It is considered, that the largest visionaries on the Earth - childrens. To clarify it is necessary the founders of the exhibition “In the castle of country Imagination”. What secrets store(keep) walls of the perfect castle of country Imagination, young friend is known only to you. The most improbable events, dreams, legends, dreams connected to a miracle of children's imagination can become a subject of creative works. The more imaginations in the picture, the more possibilities to win on the exhibition.


  • Samara City Administration
  • Department of international and interregional relations of Samara City Administration
  • Municipal museum " Children's Art Gallery " of Samara City
  • Shop of the children toys " An Island of treasures "

Concept of the competition:

Considering children’s art (hereinafter-children's pictures) as a manifestation of unique culture, connected with humanity's memory, the founders of the exhibition hope, that being free in its essence the exhibition "Eternal Values in the Child’s Eye" can become a special document, according to which our descendants will see:

  • how did the children of the XX c. feel, what emotions they had, how they managed to depict their view of the world;
  • how did the events, the country's life and society influence the little citizens;
  • how did the inner harmony of the child embodied in the unique creation through colour, line, rhythm and other merits of art;
  • how did people preserve culture and taught its laws to the children in different parts of the world.

The objectives:

  1. Confirmation and enrichment of cultural originality.
  2. Stimulation and development of creative activities and creative potential.
  3. Widening of participation in cultural life.
  4. Promotion to the international cooperation, creation of new forms of cooperation.
  5. Variety(varieties) of the art forms of expression.
  6. Saving and preserving of the genetic resources of culture.

Terms of the selection:

The organizational work on forming of the exhibition takes place in Samara City: Russia, 443010, Samara, Kuibyshevs str., 139, Municipal museum " Children's Art Gallery " of Samara City.

  1. The works to the International Exhibition of Children's Pictures " In the castle of country Imagination "are accepted: for cities of Russia - till April 30 2001ã., for foreign countries - till October 31 2001ã.
  2. Children of any age can take part in the exhibition.
  3. The creative works are not limited by the subject matter, size and type of execution.
  4. The works are evaluated as to the following criteria: beauty, originality, sincerity, inimitable; the works can’t be corrected by the grown-ups, they can be executed not necessarily for exhibition, but selected by the parents and teachers from a collection of works of previous years.
  5. The following information is to be given on the back side of the picture:
    • surname and name of the child, date and year of the birth;
    • full mail address and telephone-No;
    • working place of parents, do they take up art ( or did they take up art);
    • place where the child took art lessons (if any);
    • year of execution of work;
    • name of the work (if any);
    • it is possible after the finish of the exhibition to leave the work in the Children's Art Gallery of Samara City (Yes, No).

Municipal museum "Children's Art Gallery" of Samara

Municipal Museum “Children’s Art Gallery”of Samara - the first museum of this type in Russia - was established in 1991. The gallery is situated in the historical centre of Samara and occupies the old mansion of the Samara merchant - engineer I.Klodt.

The purpose of the gallery is to build a bridge between “high”art and art of the little ones, who see and reflect the modern world in their own way. Considering children’s drawings and paintings as artistic works, CAG teaches the young generation the true values of art and wakes up their creative activities on the best examples of children’s art from all over the world.
The gallery possesses over 11 thousands pieces of children’s drawings, paintings, decorative compositions, tapestries and ceramic subjects.

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Troshenkov Anatoly, 9 y.o.
"The Frozen Ship"
Tchuprynina Alisa, 8 y.o.
"The Herd"
Sayetova Lilya, 8 y.o.
Smola Natalia, 9 y.o.
"The Dog"
Petrovskaya Julia, 8 y.o.
"Mother's portrait"

Up to the present day the gallery has put on over 150 exhibitions, including the displays in the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Duma of RF, Central Museum of the Grate Patriotic War (1941-1945) (Moscow), Smol’ny Cathedral Hall (St.Petersburg), abroad.
International exhibition “Eternal Values in the Child’s Eye” finishes its work in Samara in 2000.

Besides “children’s”exhibitions the galley holds the joint displays of “little” and “professional” masterpieces, exhibitions of contemporary art , conducts a work on popularization of the traditions of national cultures, folk art and crafts, organizes conferences, performances, works out different educational projects.

For thouse who have no opportunity to see our “real”exhibitions in the real space, the virtual museum - International Children’s Internet Gallery started its work in the Internet system in 1999 (

The Experimental Children’s Art School works within the gallery. Children of the age from 6 to 16 study there.

Contact information

Municipal museum "Children's Art Gallery" of Samara.

443010, Samara, Kuibyshev str., 139

Fax: (846)3322067
Phone: (846)3322067
Director: Nina V. Iyevleva